Let us die young or let us live forever

Aug 30 2014


friendly reminder that coca-cola only sold 25 bottles during their first year, but they never gave up. now they sell over billions of bottles per year. my point is, even if life is shitty for you, don’t give up and be patient because it might end up turning into a big & great thing

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Aug 29 2014


Rocket, no.

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Aug 24 2014


holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

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Aug 21 2014
Aug 20 2014

Starkquill fic help

So i’ really excited about this new ship (reading everything i can get my hands on)! :-D

I read this great fic - turn this ship around - and i know i read a sequel somewhere but i can’t find it. Can somebody please help? Pleaseeee

missbeckywrites thank you ever so much and congratulations on the great fic! :)

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the end of it all


Peter Quill/Tony Stark, ~2000 words.


“Hey, Rocket,” Peter said. “Is this light in Tony’s chest supposed to go out?”

I first posted it here, but it’s kind of long, so I cleaned it up and decided to post to AO3.
Thanks to phenominablesnowman for beta :) She has also written a little coda to this fic. Be careful. It’s very sad.

read on AO3

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Fic: Of all the prison ships in all the universe


1400 words of fix-it fic to explain just why Tony Stark has been so OOC in 616 canon for the past few years.

Contains shades of Starkquill.


The cellblock isn’t at all what he would have expected from the Skrulls. Bare stone walls and floor. Heavy doors that appear to be made of either genuine wood or an extremely close substitute, and locks that require actual keys to turn them. 

As far as prisons go, Peter’s been in better ones. 

Although rarely one this dark. As he’s literally shoved into the cell and the door closes behind him, darkness settles around him. He can’t even see the hand in front of his face. 

But there’s nothing wrong with his hearing. And he knows there is someone else in here. 

He stays by the door, bruised and aching fists raised and ready to fight. “Hello?” 

The other person inhales sharply. “Who’s there?” 

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This would make a fantastic multi chapter fic! *hint hint* :-S

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Sad starkquill under the cut. Got a bit long…

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